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by Philip Roth

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by Author Name Philip Roth

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Format: Paperback, 198 x 129 x 16mm, 256pp
Publication date: 06 Aug 2009
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN-13: 9780099523420

Dubray Review

Marcus Messner is a 19 year-old Jewish boy from Newark attending college in the American Midwest at the time of the Korean War. Marcus intends to work hard at his studies, hoping to retain his college deferment and avoid the draft. However, college life presents a series of challenges for Marcus as he struggles to get on with his roommates or to hide his contempt for the prevalence of organized religion in college life. His sexuality is questioned during a short-lived affair with a troubled fellow student and these various conflicts lead to a dispute with the college dean. Indignation is about Marcus’s unwillingness to fit in with the social conventions he refuses to accept, and the frustration and rejection he experiences as a result. Riveting and highly affecting, with an amazing twist towards the end, Indignation is a truly superb novel.

- Chelsea Uddo, Bray


It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War. A studious, law-abiding, intense youngster from Newark, New Jersey, Marcus Messner is beginning his sophomore year on the pastoral, conservative campus of Ohio's Winesburg College. And why is he here and not at a local college in Newark where he originally enrolled? Because his father, the sturdy, hardworking neighbourhood butcher seems to have gone mad - mad with fear and apprehension of the dangers of adult life, the dangers of the world, the dangers he sees in the every corner for his beloved boy. So Marcus leaves and, far from home, has to find his way amid the customs and constrictions of another American world. Indignation is the story of a young man's education in life's terrifying chances and bizarre obstructions. It is a story of inexperience, foolishness, intellectual resistance, sexual discovery, courage and error, told with all the inventive energy and with Roth has at his command.


"Intricately wrought, passionate and fascinating... A late masterpiece" -- John Banville Financial Times "Roth reasserts his fictional mastery with a fine taut narrative about the frustrations of youth...every part of it is dovetailed into a story of compelling economy...a mid-20th-century tale of nemesis with all the intellectual and imaginative force of a great novelist writing at the height of his powers" Sunday Times "A gratifying novel... Indignation is, unquestionably, seriously "good" Roth" -- Meg Wolitzer The Times "I relished Indignation. Roth writes with his trademark drive and fluency, on the knife blade between rage and laughter" -- Jonathan Raban Guardian "Roth's novels abound in comic moments, and so does Indignation...His powerful new novel seethes with outrage...a deft, gripping, and deeply moving narrative" New York Review of Books