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The Gathering
by Anne Enright Fiona Shaw

RRP €28.40

The Gathering
by Author Name Anne Enright, Fiona Shaw

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List Price:28.40
Format: CD-Audio, mm, pp
Publication date: 14 Mar 2008
Publisher: Naxos AudioBooks
ISBN-13: 9789626349175


One day on Brighton beach, wayward but vulnerable Liam Hegarty drowns himself. His sister Veronica, trying to come to terms with the suicide of her beloved brother, begins to take a closer look at her dysfunctional family's history in an attempt to pinpoint the moment at which their lives began to unravel. In a powerful reading, Fiona Shaw brings Anne Enright's fourth novel vividly to life.


The Gathering is here and we print-intolerant book lovers should be grateful to Naxos - first, for being so previous and second, for having the nous to get the incomparable Fiona Shaw to read it. Frankly I'm not sure I'd have lasted the course without her subtle, humorous, sensitive reading. If you like deeply depressing family sagas awash with skeletons in cupboards, drunks, misfits, children screwed up by religion and sexual abuse, you'll enjoy The Gathering. The narrator - Veronica, 39, former shopping journalist, married to a successful banker - is number seven of 12 Irish children: Midge, Bea, Ernest, Stevie, Ita, Mossie, Liam, Veronica, Kitty, Alice and the twins, Ivor and Jem. Far from being a happy family who could field their own football team plus reserve, with the exception of Jem they're a mess. Liam's suicide prompts the family to gather and Veronica to delve deep into its unhappy history. Beautifully written, brilliantly read, but I still think Mr Pip should have won the Booker. - Sue Arnold, The Guardian When writers linger on close encounters of a genital kind it can make for tough listening. Anne Enright is undoubtedly a writer whose work, like that of James Joyce, is intensified by hearing it aloud. Fiona Shaw's mesmerising reading of her 2008 Man Booker prize novel The Gathering is a tour de force. - Christina Hardyment, The Times