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Bristol Rugby
An Official History
by Mark Hoskins Neil Williams Mike Rafter

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Bristol Rugby
An Official History
by Author Name Mark Hoskins, Neil Williams, Mike Rafter

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List Price:35.50
Format: Hardback, 248 x 172mm, 336pp
Publication date: 28 Nov 2014
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781445618838


Bristol Rugby (or Bristol Football Club as it was formerly known) was formed in 1888, and over the years some of the greatest names in the game have played for the club, from Len Corbett, Sam Tucker, Jack Gregory, John Pullin and Alan Morley through to Jason Little and Agustin Pichot more recently. Bristol Rugby is one of the most famous Rugby Union teams in England, and the club's heritage and traditions are an important aspect of one of Britain's leading cities. In this comprehensive, definitive history of Bristol Rugby, Mark Hoskins, the club's Official Historian, along with Club Statistician Neil Williams, gives a season-by-season account of the club from its origins in 1888 to the present day; including information that has never before appeared in publication: previously unpublished research from the pre-1900 period, interviews with former players; the interim 1918/19 Bristol United side, and the Bristol Supporters' Team which operated from 1939 to 1945.

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