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Opus Postumum
by Immanuel Kant Eckart Forster Michael Rosen Paul Guyer Allen W. Wood

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Opus Postumum
by Author Name Immanuel Kant, Eckart Forster, Michael Rosen, Paul Guyer, Allen W. Wood

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List Price:32.85
Format: Paperback, 228 x 152 x 21mm, 364pp
Publication date: 24 Feb 1995
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521319287


This volume is the first ever English translation of Kant's last major work, the so-called Opus Postumum, a work Kant himself described as his 'chef d'oeuvre' and as the keystone of his entire philosophical system. It occupied him for more than the last decade of his life. Begun with the intention of providing a 'transition from the metaphysical foundations of natural science to physics,' Kant's reflections take him far beyond the problem he initially set out to solve. In fact, he reassesses a whole series of fundamental topics of transcendental philosophy: the thing in itself, the nature of space and time, the concept of the self and its agency, the idea of God, and the unity of theoretical and practical reason. Though never completed, the text reaches a logical albeit not fully developed, conclusion.


"This is an excellent volume, in format, in content, and in physical presentation. Forster has provided a very clear, concise, and judicious introduction, which describes the history of Kant's manuscript, its composition, its place in Kant's philosophy, and the development of Kant's views and argument contained in it...The editorial apparatus makes this volume especially useful, and the translators have certainly achieved their aim of making their translation read at least like Kant wherever it cannot quite read like English...Given the intensity of English-language Kant scholarship, this volume does a great service both to Kant and to his students." Kenneth R. Westphal, Review of Metaphysics "...highly ambitious and very meritorious...these volumes will soon be the standard edition for citing Kant in English...if the first three volumes are any indication of what is to come, Kant scholarship will be well served by this edition. The three volumes under consideration meet the highest standards. Furthermore, the books are handsome and well produced. I am sure that Kant scholars who read Kant in English will not only find them most useful, but they will also be proud to have them on their shelves." Journal of the History of Philosophy


Kant's Opus Postumum; Early leaves and Oktaventwurf; Toward the elementary system of the moving forces of matter; The ether proofs; How is physics possible? How is the transition to physics possible?; The Selbstsetzungslehre; Practical self-positing and the idea of God; What is transcendental philosophy?

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