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The Need for Interpretation
Contemporary Conceptions of the Philosopher's Task
by Sollace Mitchell Michael Rosen

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The Need for Interpretation
Contemporary Conceptions of the Philosopher's Task
by Author Name Sollace Mitchell, Michael Rosen

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Format: Hardback, 234 x 156 x 12mm, 182pp
Publication date: 07 Nov 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN-13: 9781472505620


The Need for Interpretation expresses the growing reaction within the ranks of analytically-trained philosophers against the professed aims of current Anglo-American philosophy. The contributors challenge received dogmas on different philosophical topics, covering central issues from both Anglo-American and Continental traditions. Written in non-sectarian language for non-specialists, students and professional philosophers, these reflections of philosophy concern not only how it is done, but how it ought to be done


Preface Introduction 1. The Role of Philosophy in the Human Sciences, David Kirsh (University of California, San Diego, USA) 2. Creation and Discovery: Wittgenstein on Conceptual Change, Christopher M. Leich (Georgetown University, USA) 3. Post-structuralism, Empiricism and Interpretation, Sollace Mitchell 4. Critical Theory: Between Ideology and Philosophy, Michael Rosen (Harvard University, USA) 5. The Prescription is Description: Wittgenstein's View of the Human Sciences, Theodore R. Schatzki (University of Kentucky, USA) 6. The Significance of Significance: the Case of Cognitive Psychology, Charles Taylor (McGill University, USA) Bibliography Notes Index

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