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The Unbelievable Truth
by Graeme Garden Jon Naismith David Mitchell

RRP €14.20

The Unbelievable Truth
by Author Name Graeme Garden, Jon Naismith, David Mitchell

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List Price:14.20
Format: Paperback, 198 x 129 x 24mm, 320pp
Publication date: 10 Apr 2014
Publisher: Windmill Books
ISBN-13: 9780099559139


If you love QI you will love The Unbelievable Truth the most successful BBC Radio 4 panel show fronted by David Mitchell is all about identifying the unbelievable truths from the lies. Enter Mr David Mitchell's amazing Cabinet of Curiosities and prepare to marvel at this hand-picked and lavishly illustrated compendium of incredible facts, each one painstakingly culled from the hugely acclaimed BBC Radio and Australian TV show The Unbelievable Truth. Plus - try your own truth-detection skills over a series of ingenious comic essays on a diverse range of subjects from Armadillos to Sir Walter Raleigh by the show's co-inventor Dr Graeme Garden - each essay contains five incredible truths, tantalisingly concealed amongst a host of barely credible lies. The Unbelievable Truth is hosted by the award-winning actor, comedian and writer David Mitchell, and was first broadcast on Radio 4 in 2006, since then it has become one of BBC Radio's most popular and successful shows.


"Listeners of Radio 4's popular and very funny panel show The Unbelievable Truth will already be familiar with the concept of trying to sneak unlikely truths past the opposition, but the idea also works well in book form ... amazing facts ... Huge fun and great for storing up information to make you seem more knowledgeable than you really are." Daily Mail "Incredibly funny ... written in an easily accessible, comical way 5* " Read Dream Relax