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A Murder of Quality
by John le Carre

RRP €18.80

A Murder of Quality
by Author Name John le Carre

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List Price:18.80
Format: CD-Audio, mm, pp
Publication date: 04 Jun 2009
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781408400845


"A Murder of Quality", set in the early 1960s, sees George Smiley investigating a murder in a public school. When the wife of one of the masters is found bludgeoned to death, Smiley, out of loyalty to an old friend, agrees to look into the case. But his investigation raises a multitude of questions. Who could have hated Stella Rode enough to kill her? Why was her dog put down shortly before the murder? And what did Mad Janie see on that fatal night? To discover the truth, Smiley must lift the lid on a world of hidden passions and dangerous hatreds...Starring the award-winning Simon Russell Beale as Smiley, and with a distinguished cast including Geoffrey Palmer and Marcia Warren, this tense, compelling dramatisation perfectly captures the atmosphere of le Carre's gripping, sophisticated thriller.