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Sport Psychology
Contemporary Themes
by David Lavallee John Kremer Aidan Moran Mark Williams

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Sport Psychology
Contemporary Themes
by Author Name David Lavallee, John Kremer, Aidan Moran, Mark Williams

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List Price:41.15
Format: Paperback, 234 x 155 x 20mm, 360pp
Publication date: 23 Jan 2012
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13: 9780230231740


Sport Psychology is an essential introduction to the field's key issues, suitable for psychology, sport science and sport studies students at all levels. Encompassing the history of sport psychology to more recent distinctions between sport and exercise psychology, it is ideal reading for students looking to learn about issues such as motivation, concentration and anxiety and the connection between physical activity and psychological well-being. This new edition provides updated case studies, guidance on further reading, study questions and brand new content on self-harm in sport and metaimagery. Real-life examples put the theory into practice, and the authors' focus on the freshest theories shows how the discipline has evolved in recent years.


"Lavallee, Kremer, Moran and Williams are all well respected authors in the field and have produced a 'must read' second edition to their text Sport Psychology: Contemporary Themes. Covering the core topics within the discipline in a consistent and systematic 'theory to practice' format, the book delivers an interesting, insightful and informative read. I would recommend the book to both undergraduates and postgraduates with a focus on Sport Psychology." - Professor Ian Maynard, Professor of Sport Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Introduction Practising Sport Psychology Imagery Motivation Concentration Anxiety Sport Expertise Acquiring Sport Skills Teams The Athlete's Career Exercise and Mental Health Index

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  • Illustrations: 5 figures, 4 black & white tables