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The Story of the Treasure Seekers
by E. Nesbit Julia Donaldson

RRP €11.35

The Story of the Treasure Seekers
by Author Name E. Nesbit, Julia Donaldson

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List Price:11.35
Format: Paperback, 195 x 125 x 23mm, 205 pppp
Publication date: 25 Oct 2013
Publisher: Hesperus Press Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781843914747


The Story of the Treasure Seekers is a legendary children's story by the enchanting E. Nesbit which has delighted countless generations of children; this brand new edition ensures that it will be able to reach a whole new modern audience. The Bastable children (Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noel and Horace Octavius - H.O.) live in London with their widowed father. Too poor to attend school, the children are left to their own devices and they spend their days coming up with ingenious plans to restore their father's fortune. Told from the first person perspective - which lends the narrative substantial bias - The Story of the Treasure Seekers was Nesbit's first work. Refreshingly free of Victorian sentimentality, yet still wonderfully evocative of a bygone era, The Story of the Treasure Seekers makes for timeless reading. Adapted numerous times for television, The Story of the Treasure Seekers is proof of Nesbit's esteemed place in the canon of children's literature.


'Has the power to move even the hardest heart. Edith Nesbit has surely brought the liveliness through words as if it were a real story' The Guardian 'Guaranteed to jerk a tear from the most stony-faced child' The Observer 'Her child characters were remarkable in her day because they are so entirely human. They are intelligent, vain, aggressive, humorous, witty, cruel, compassionate - in fact, they are like adults' Gore Vidal 'E. Nesbit remembered exactly what it felt like to be a child' Jacqueline Wilson