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Richard III
The Great Debate
by Paul Murray Kendall Gillian Murray Kendall

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Richard III
The Great Debate
by Author Name Paul Murray Kendall, Gillian Murray Kendall

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List Price:18.00
Format: Paperback, 207 x 141 x 32mm, 608pp
Publication date: 07 Aug 2002
Publisher: WW Norton & Co
ISBN-13: 9780393007855


Paul Murray Kendall's account of the life of Richard III explores not only the man himself, but also the ways that he has influenced culture: Richard also played a central role in several literary works, most notably as a character of William Shakespeare's. Kendall's analysis of how others perceived Richard is central to the character study.


"The best biography of Richard III that has been written." A. L. Rowse, Chicago Tribune "Here, as nearly as patience, scholarship, and intelligent surmise can achieve it, is a definitive biography of Richard III. It is a noteworthy performance." Geoffrey Bruun, Saturday Review

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