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Digging to America
by Anne Tyler

RRP €12.80

Digging to America
by Author Name Anne Tyler

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List Price:12.80
Format: Paperback, 178 x 110 x 21mm, 336pp
Publication date: 19 Apr 2007
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN-13: 9780099499398


Friday August 15th, 1997. Two tiny Korean babies are delivered to Baltimore to two families who have no more in common than this. Every year, on the anniversary of 'Arrival Day' their two extended families celebrate together, with more and more elaborately competitive parties, as little Susan and Jin-ho take roots and become American. Full of achingly hilarious moments and toe-curling misunderstandings, Digging to America is a novel about belonging and otherness, pride and prejudice, young love and unexpected old love, families and the impossibility of ever getting it right...


"The view from America may be darkening, but Anne Tyler's new novel sheds a warm light on the ordinary human needs and actions that shore up American ideals of ethnic integration, neighbourliness and family values" -- Terri Apter Times Literary Supplement "Out of this everyday material she spins gold: stories so achingly truthful, so achingly funny, so sad and so real that you can only marvel...her trademark blend of observant comedy and tragedy, and her window into the human heart, are gloriously apparent" -- Elizabeth Buchan Daily Mail "Deliciously funny and sharply observed" -- Lisa Allardice Guardian "Wise and funny...a multidimensional exploration of what it means to belong, not only to a family but also to a nation" -- Lucy Hughes-Hallet Sunday Times "Anne Tyler draws a comedy that is not so much brilliant as luminous - its observant sharpness sweetened by a generous understanding of human fallibility. So sure is her tone, so graceful her style, that the reader absorbs without literary indigestion a narrative constructed almost entirely of grand set pieces of domestic comedy... Articulated in her fine-grained prose, the pure kindliness of her finale expresses something of the forgotten goodness of the American dream" -- Jane Shilling Sunday Telegraph