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This is How it Ends
by Kathleen MacMahon

RRP €11.35

This is How it Ends
by Author Name Kathleen MacMahon

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List Price:11.35
Format: Paperback, 198 x 130 x 28mm, 448pp
Publication date: 09 May 2013
Publisher: Sphere
ISBN-13: 9780751548358


This is when it begins Autumn, 2008. This is where it begins The coast of Dublin. This is why it begins Bruno, an American, has come to Ireland to search for his roots. Addie, an out-of-work architect, is recovering from heartbreak while taking care of her infirm father. When their worlds collide, they experience a connection unlike any they've previously felt, but soon their newfound love will be tested in ways they never imagined possible. This is how it ends ...


It will leave you a weeping mess just as Em and Dex's story did. It will also leave you feeling utterly bereft to no longer be in its company Observer Be warned. MacMahon subtly weaves her readers so tightly into her story that when she rolls out her shattering ending it's best to be alone. Stave off the tears if you can: I was a wreck Sunday Times When you have long forgotten many other fictional lovers, there is something about Addie and Bruno, their past and their world, that will not go away Maeve Binchy, The Irish Times This richly poetic first novel combines a strong contemporary feel with a sense of timelessness. MacMahon's prose fizzes from page one. As the title suggests this is a poignant book yet remarkably life-affirming thanks to the sheer quality of MacMahon's writing. Her characterisation is deft and believable. She has perfect control of tone and a gift for piercing metaphor. I predict a glittering future Daily Express It has 'future classic' written all over it Glamour An exceptional novel ... It is truly a story for our time Irish Independent Kathleen MacMahon's prose could not appear more effortless or beautiful ... The twist in this tale is utterly unexpected and satisfyingly unpredictable ... A bittersweet novel that will no doubt become a book-club darling Sunday Independent A tender love story. A book about love, family, children and that glorious sense of being alive Irish Examiner This is a love story like no other Mirror An all-consuming love story ... that can't fail to enchant you Heat I found myself relating to every character, charmed into enjoying their world and not wanting it to end Stylist This is an outstanding debut novel which will linger long in your mind Red Magazine The force of it takes you by stealth until you realise you're swallowing furiously, to keep down the lump in your throat Psychologies ... crunchingly big finish which packs an undeniable punch Daily Mail Is MacMahon the new Donoghue, capable of winning plaudits from critics and sales from readers eager to see their own lives reflected in fiction? Sunday Business Post Ireland Summer 2012's One Day, this is a love story with an ominous feel that haunts from page one Easy Living Sometimes you read a book that takes your breath away - this was the book ... This Is How It Ends grabs you very gently at the beginning and urges you to continue, it wraps you up in its charm and leaves you bereft (in a good way). An emotional rollercoaster of two people thrown together, at a strange time in a less than ordinary way, I defy you not to be moved Woman's Way Throughout the book, the narrative remains both beautiful and understated - and is perhaps all the more dramatic for it Fabulous Magazine This wonderful new author is a force to be reckoned with Dubray Books If you enjoyed One Day, you'll love this. Utterly charming and packed with humour, this novel is carried by its characters' charisma. Completely engrossing right up until the unbearably moving conclusion Sunday Mirror This book is as powerful in the early, glorious unfurling of an unexpected, unlooked for love as it is in the build to the gut-wrenching finale Star Magazine Wonderfully written, MacMahon creates characters that will linger long in your mind. Keep the tissues nearby, you will need them Daily Express