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Just One Evil Act
by Elizabeth George

RRP €26.99

Just One Evil Act
by Author Name Elizabeth George

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List Price:26.99
Format: Hardback, 239 x 155 x 46mm, 720pp
Publication date: 15 Oct 2013
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781444706000


When Hadiyyah Upman disappears from London in the company of her mother, Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers is as devastated as the girl's father. They are her close friends as well as neighbours, but since the child is with her mother, nothing can be done. Five months later, Hadiyyah is kidnapped from an open air market in Lucca, Italy, and this triggers an investigation in the full glare of the media spotlight. Barbara's clever manipulation of the worst of London's tabloids forces New Scotland Yard to become involved. But rather than Barbara herself, her superior officer DI Thomas Lynley is assigned to handle a situation made delicate by racial issues, language difficulties, and the determination of an Italian magistrate to arrest and convict someone - anyone - for the crime.


Her treatment of the Mediterranean settings (along with a raft of intriguing new characters) shows a new exuberance. The prodigious sprawl of the book will perhaps rule it out for any casual readers, but George aficionados will consider that Just One Evil Act possesses (as Schumann said of Schubert's Great C Major symphony) "heavenly length". -- Barry Forshaw Independent Elizabeth George is a wonderful author. She spins exciting 'whodunits' with great twists and turns, peopled with fabulous stand-out characters. The most demanding and satisfying of the many detective novels by Elizabeth George featuring Havers and her New Scotland Yard partner, Inspector Thomas Lynley ... The author combines an old-school aptitude for twist-riddled plots with modern psychological insights, ethical agonizing, realistic violence and sardonic humor. Wall Street Journal [Lynley is] one of the great character portraits in contemporary crime fiction. Boston Globe Praise for BELIEVING THE LIE: She's a designer of fastidious mosaics that never fail to intrigue. Guardian Presses all the buttons to make us hoover her stuff up. Daily Telegraph Her crime novels combine Victorian craftsmanship, psychological observation and ingenious plotting. George's celebrated attention to detail keeps the reader totally immersed. Bliss. -- Kate Saunders Saga