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Visual Perception and Action in Sport
by Keith Davids John G. Williams A. Mark Williams

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Visual Perception and Action in Sport
by Author Name Keith Davids, John G. Williams, A. Mark Williams

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Format: Paperback, 234 x 156 x 29mm, 464pp
Publication date: 17 Dec 1998
Publisher: Spon Press
ISBN-13: 9780419182900


In the past few decades there has been increasing recognition of the role of perception in successful sport performance. Athletes are dependent upon a constant supply of accurate and reliable information from the environment whilst performing complex movements. Visual Perception and Action in Sport examines the information which is perceived by the human visual system and the way it is utilised to support actions in sport. It focuses attention on the rich diversity of sport-related studies drawn together from a number of theoretical approaches. Divided into three sections, this book covers: * cognition in action - indirect theories of perception and action * direct theories of perception and action * skill acquisition in sport. Each of the sections feature their own learning objectives and summary so students can easily access specific information, and each chapter includes study questions to help students revise what they have learnt. A key theme to emerge from each of the chapters is the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. All three authors have expertise in the teaching and researching of motor learning and control in sport.They are currently undertaking projects in collaboration with universities and research centres around the world.


Part 1. Cognition in Action: Indirect theories of perception and action - An overview 1. Attention in Sport 2. The Visual System Hardware: Sport functional properties 3. Anticipation and Decision Making in Sport 4. Visual Search Strategy and Sports Performance Part 2. Perception and Action: Direct theories of perception and action 5. Information and Dynamics: The dynamical systems approach Part 3. Skill Acquisition in Sport: Cognitive and dynamical systems perspectives - The acquisition of movement co-ordination 6. Observational Learning in Sport

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  • Illustrations: 24 black & white tables