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Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
by Hans Christian Andersen Harry Clarke

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Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
by Author Name Hans Christian Andersen, Harry Clarke

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List Price:18.99
Our Price: €9.99
Format: Hardback, 262 x 200 x 20mm, 224pp
Publication date: 16 Sep 2011
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780717150236


In 1916 George Harrap published an edition of The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen which included specially commissioned illustrations from a new young Irish illustrator, Harry Clarke. Although previously commissioned to provide illustrations for two other publishing projects, this was the first time Clarke's work had appeared in print. His talent was quickly acknowledged and he became recognised as one of the key illustrators during the golden age of gift-book illustration. In all, he created 16 full-colour and 24 monochrome illustrations for this edition. Although many of these have been acquired by the National Gallery of Ireland, they will not be familiar to many modern readers. For this new collection, twenty of Andersen's best loved tales have been re-written and with Clarke's fabulous illustrations will create a wonderful gift book for children young and old.


1. The Tin Soldier 2. The Tinderbox 3. Thumbelina 4. The Travelling Companion 5. The Emperor's New Clothes 6. The Storks 7. Shepherdess and Chimney Sweeper 8. The Swineherd 9. The Snow Queen 10.The Nightingale 11.The Elf-Hill 12.The Little Sea Maid 13.The Wild Swans 14.The Marsh King's Daughter 15.The Garden of Paradise

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