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The Whisperer
by Donato Carrisi

RRP €11.35

The Whisperer
by Author Name Donato Carrisi

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List Price:11.35
Format: Paperback, 196 x 127 x 31mm, 480pp
Publication date: 14 Jan 2011
Publisher: Abacus
ISBN-13: 9780349123448

Dubray Review

This tense and exciting thriller starts with the discovery of six arms in a shallow grave, each belonging to six missing young girls. Criminologist Goran Gavila teams up with missing-child expert Mila Vasquez to track down the murderer and save a young girl,s life. As the investigation deepens, it becomes clear that the serial killer at the centre of these gruesome deeds not only enjoys preying on young girls; he also has the minds of the police officers at his mercy. The case twists through a series of terrifying discoveries as it hurtles to the gripping and shocking finale. The Whisperer is the first English translation of bestselling Italian writer Donato Carrisi. Fans of Jo Nesbø¸ and Kathy Reichs will love this book and even veteran readers of crime fiction will be hard pushed to guess the outcome of this tautly-written thriller.

Lynn Crampton, Dubray Books Grafton Street


Six severed arms are discovered buried in a forest clearing. They are arranged in a mysterious circle, and appear to belong to missing girls between the ages of eight and thirteen. But the rest of the bodies are nowhere to be found. Criminologist Goran Gavila is given the case. A dishevelled, instinctively rebellious man, he is forced to work with young female police officer Mila Vasquez. Lithe, boyish, answering to no one, Mila has a reputation as a specialist in missing children. She also has a tragic history of her own that has left her damaged, unable to feel or to relate to others. Theirs is a fiery but strangely affecting working relationship - and as they uncover more secrets about the dark secrets in the forest, their lives are increasingly in each other's hands...A gripping literary thriller that has taken Italy by storm, The Whisperer has been as sensational a bestseller in Europe as the Stieg Larsson novels. It is that rare creation: a thought-provoking, intelligent literary novel that is also utterly unputdownable.


Gruesome and gripping...a taut psychological thriller The Times More than delivers on its ghoulish might not want to read this alone in the house Time Out Gripping, multi-layered and difficult to put down, this is a top class literary thriller Choice A gripping read...I defy anyone to guess the denouement Guardian