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The Looking Glass
by Michele Roberts

RRP €19.90

The Looking Glass
by Author Name Michele Roberts

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List Price:19.90
Format: Paperback, 195 x 128 x 18mm, 288pp
Publication date: 02 Aug 2001
Publisher: Virago Press Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781860499012


In her place as maid to Madame Patin in the cafe next to the sea, orphan Genevieve becomes the breathless audience for her mistress's alarming folk stories, beginning with the one about the mermaid - the beauty who is also a monster - who must be killed. Genevieve happily falls into the patterns and ways of Madame Patin and contentedly cooks, cleans, gardens and serves the customers alongside her. Until, that is, Genevieve ripens to siren beauty. To avoid the mermaid's fate she must take flight. And she does, to a poet who has the hearts of all his women: his mother, his mistress, his niece, his niece's governess - and before long, his new maid's.


Bitter, balanced and sophisticated...Powerful tale of female need, desire and projection ... highly compelling LITERARY REVIEW A gift to treasure The TIMES