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Japanese Netsuke
by Julia Hutt Edmund De Waal

RRP €42.60

Japanese Netsuke
by Author Name Julia Hutt, Edmund De Waal

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List Price:42.60
Format: Hardback, 245 x 210 x 13mm, 112pp
Publication date: 05 Jul 2012
Publisher: V & A Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781851777020


The Japanese netsuke is a thing of wonder: a utilitarian accessory to traditional Japanese dress that has become an art form in itself, prized by collectors from East to West. The V&A's collection of netsuke is world-famous, and this stunning book draws on its many highlights to explore the origins of netsuke and to trace the sources of their designs in prints, paintings and woodblock-printed books. It records the evolution of materials and techniques and the patterns of craftsmanship, in a text that is both accessible and comprehensive, and is illustrated with some of the very finest examples of netsuke.

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  • Illustrations: 125 colour illustrations