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Catalysis Vol. 24
by James J. Spivey Fabrizio Cavani Mayank Gupta Yi-Fan Han Perla Balbuena Miguel A. Banares Olaf Deutschmann Kiyotaka Asakura John Kitchin Cristina Freire

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Catalysis Vol. 24
by Author Name James J. Spivey, Fabrizio Cavani, Mayank Gupta, Yi-Fan Han, Perla Balbuena, Miguel A. Banares, Olaf Deutschmann, Kiyotaka Asakura, John Kitchin, Cristina Freire

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List Price:425.50
Format: Hardback, 234 x 156 x 22mm, 357pp
Publication date: 24 Feb 2012
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN-13: 9781849733755


There is an increasing need to find cost-effective and environmentally sound methods of converting natural resources into fuels, chemicals and energy; catalysts are pivotal to such processes. Catalysis highlights major developments in this area. Coverage of this Specialist Periodical Report includes all major areas of heterogeneous catalysis. In each volume, specific areas of current interest are reviewed. Examples of topics include experimental methods, acid/base catalysis, materials synthesis, environmental catalysis, and syngas conversion.


Preface; Progress Towards Operando Raman Spectroscopy, Monitoring and Imaging; TBC; Coverage Dependent Adsorption Properties of Atomic Adsorbates on Late Transition Metal Surfaces; Green Catalysis with Metal Complexes: from Bulk to Nano Recyclable Hybrid Catalysts; TBC; TBC; Asymmetric Organocatalyzed Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reactions; Catalytic Applications of Mesoporous Materials; Polarization-Dependent Total Reflection Fluorescence

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