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No Ordinary Love
by Anita Notaro

RRP €18.50

No Ordinary Love
by Author Name Anita Notaro

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List Price:18.50
Format: Paperback, 233 x 153 x 28mm, 384pp
Publication date: 01 Apr 2010
Publisher: Transworld Ireland
ISBN-13: 9781848270312


Louisa is fed up with every aspect of her life. Boyfriend, job, flat - all these need an instant and radical makeover. And so she decides to change it all in favour of a carefree existence, exchanging her house for a trailer, her car for a motorbike, and her smart clothes for leisure wear. And, most of all, she starts a new business, as a dog counsellor. With her best friends Maddy and Clodagh she embarks on a new regime - to meet different people, discover new places and find a fabulous new man. Her business brings her immediate and extraordinary rewards, as she meets the owners of dogs whose problems often seem to echo those of their owners. But whatever the stresses of her new life, Louisa has the support of her two friends. If only that could last forever...