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Tommy Cooper's Secret Joke Files
by Tommy Cooper John Fisher

RRP €14.20

Tommy Cooper's Secret Joke Files
by Author Name Tommy Cooper, John Fisher

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List Price:14.20
Format: Hardback, 223 x 162 x 18mm, 176pp
Publication date: 13 Oct 2011
Publisher: Preface Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781848093102


For the first time the secret joke archives of the legendary comedian are opened up for all to enjoy. Relive the laughter with jokes on every subject from 'A for Absent-minded' to 'Z for Zoo'. Part of an ongoing series of books celebrating the Cooper legacy, "Tommy Cooper's Secret Joke Files" follows hot on the heels of John Fisher's bestselling "The Tommy Cooper Joke Book" and "Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic and Mischief". It promises to be the funniest yet. Alphabet: My little boy learnt the alphabet. I said, 'What comes after A?' He said, 'All the rest of them!' Doctors: I said, 'Doctor, I keep getting these dizzy spells'. He said, 'Vertigo?' I said, 'No, I only live up the road!' Facts of Life: When my wife was pregnant we went to see a baby doctor, but he didn't know anything. He was only eight months old! Horses: I used to have a riding school, but business kept falling off! Waiters: I said to the waiter, 'There's no chicken in this chicken soup'. He said, 'And there's no horse in the horseradish either'. Wives: 'The other night I had an argument with my wife in the launderette ...but we went home and ironed things out'.


"It's a measure of how funny he [Cooper] was that this book had me on the floor even when reading about gags I've never seen." Sunday Times "Tommy Cooper's Secret Joke Files also includes a fascinating look at the painstaking process Tommy Cooper used to catalogue and index his material, and the fine tuning that turned an original thought, written down as a few random lines, into a brilliant one-liner. The perfect Christmas present and highly recommended" Magic Week "This alphabetical compilation of the sublimely silly Cooper's best jokes will keep the entire family in stitches" Saga "More festive smiles are guaranteed" Choice