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The Fire Gospel
by Michel Faber

RRP €11.99

The Fire Gospel
by Author Name Michel Faber

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List Price:11.99
Format: Paperback, 198 x 130 x 14mm, 224pp
Publication date: 02 Jul 2009
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781847672797


When Theo Griepenkerl happens upon the fifth Gospel in a war-torn Iraqi museum, he can't believe his luck. Driven by greed and a lust for fame, he capitalises on his find by publishing it. His book is a sensation. But he can hardly imagine the incendiary consequences his discovery will have for Christians, Arabs, homicidal maniacs and Amazon customers alike. The "Fire Gospel" is a brilliant piece of storytelling, dazzlingly outrageous and utterly gripping.


* The satire is so entertaining, the pace so sharp, the writing so witty ... Observer * A hilariously entertaining read Sunday Telegraph * A thriller of a story The Times * [A] playful narrative [with] a serious question at the heart. Sunday Times * Beautifully written ... it might just be the best novel you'll read this year. London Lite * In writing this playful noir thriller-cum-The Da Vinci Code pastiche, the versatile Faber shows he can pen an off-the-cuff satire. -- Arifa Akbar Independent 20090621 * Faber's cautionary tale about the perils of literary fame also works very well as a spoof of The Da Vinci Code phenomenon. -- Colin Waters Sunday Herald 20090705