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A Traitor to Memory
by Elizabeth George

RRP €12.80

A Traitor to Memory
by Author Name Elizabeth George

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List Price:12.80
Format: Paperback, 197 x 129 x 52mm, 816pp
Publication date: 02 Aug 2012
Publisher: Hodder Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781444738391


Twenty-eight-year-old virtuoso violinist Gideon Davies has lost not only his memory of music but also his ability to play the instrument he mastered as a five-year-old prodigy. All he can remember is a single name: Sonia. Then, one rainy evening, Gideon's mother Eugenie travels to London for a mysterious appointment. But before she is able to reach her destination, a car swoops out of nowhere and kills her in the street. In pursuing Eugenie's killer, Lynley and Havers come to know a group of people whose lives are inextricably connected by a long-ago death, a trial, and a prison sentence handed down as retribution for a crime no one has spoken of for twenty years.


Absorbing ... the pleasure of the book is the slow, surprising and often shocking unravelling of the various links between the main characters Marcel Berlins, The Times A long and absorbing read that will please lovers of the traditional crime novel Scotland on Sunday keeps the reader on the knife's edge of suspense, thanks to George's skill at weaving together intriguing characters, disturbing action, police procedure, psychological insight, and mordant wit. First-rate suspense with a stunner of an ending. Booklist A very accomplished crime writer who is able to keep the reader's suspense right up to the last page. Woman's Way, Dublin A Traitor to Memory is more PD James than Ruth Rendell ... very convincing ... the book makes a serious and valid point about what is left of the personality of a musical prodigy if the music is taken away. Classical Music Plots of dazzling inventiveness are the hallmark of George's first-rate murder mysteries. A story to keep you engrossed al the way to Inverness and back. Livewire