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Happy Harry's Cafe
by Michael Rosen Richard Holland

RRP €16.55

Happy Harry's Cafe
by Author Name Michael Rosen, Richard Holland

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List Price:16.55
Format: Hardback, 295 x 220mm, 32pp
Publication date: 02 Aug 2012
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781406314465


This is a good-natured joke about a forgetful bear told with wit and humour. Happy Harry serves great soup at his cafe. It's so good that his friends - Matt the Cat, Jo the Crow, Ryan the Lion and Robin the Robin - all rush to get there before it runs out. But today something's wrong with Matt - he says the soup's no good. Harry's shocked - until he finds out the soup's no good because Matt has no spoon to eat it with! An old joke is brilliantly brought to life for very young children by Michael Rosen and Richard Holland. "Happy Harry's Cafe" is a great read aloud text with sparklingly stylish illustrations, a cast of charming characters and a delightful "soup song" for the grand finale. It is a fresh and funny new take on a classic Jewish soup joke featuring exuberant characters and a punch line to delight parents and kids alike. It comes from renowned award-winning author Michael Rosen, winner of the Eleanor Farjeon Award for distinguished services to children's literature in 1997, and the Children's Laureate from 2007 to 2009.It has great appeal for the hip, urban family with a favorite cafe or restaurant - kids are sure to enjoy the bustle of characters and the delightful humor with a sly edge.