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Odysseus and the Cyclops
by Nadine Takvorian Cari Meister

RRP €10.99

Odysseus and the Cyclops
by Author Name Nadine Takvorian, Cari Meister

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List Price:10.99
Format: Paperback, 279 x 224mm, 32pp
Publication date: 15 May 2012
Publisher: Raintree
ISBN-13: 9781406243031


After 10 years of battle, Odysseus and his men capture the city of Troy. They set sail for home. When they come upon an island, Odysseus is curious. He and some men climb the mountainside and enter a cave. Little do they know the cave is home to a giant Cyclopes! Will Odysseus and his men make it out alive?

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  • Illustrations: full colour illustrations