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Modern-day Miracles
by Louise L. Hay

RRP €14.20

Modern-day Miracles
by Author Name Louise L. Hay

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List Price:14.20
Format: Paperback, 228 x 152 x 16mm, 256pp
Publication date: 05 Jul 2010
Publisher: Hay House Inc
ISBN-13: 9781401925277


In this truly inspirational book, people all over the world express their appreciation for the writings and teachings of Louise L. Hay and for the miracles she has brought to their lives. As you read the accounts within these pages, you will laugh, cry and nod with empathy and understanding. Through uniquely heartfelt and awe-inspiring true stories and testimonials, men and women of all ages and backgrounds reveal how one individual whose life has been devoted to spreading good can touch so many in a positive and miraculous way, and how they have been inspired in turn to pass on this positivity. The subject matter is diverse (relationships, work, finance, health, and more) and the outpouring of emotion is genuine and very personal. Included at the end of each chapter are affirmations and exercises by Louise that will help you create miracles in your own life.


A collection of some of the most sincere and inspiration real-life tales. Soul & Spirit Magazine 20100901