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The Vikings in Ireland
by Morgan Llywelyn David Rooney

RRP €9.95

The Vikings in Ireland
by Author Name Morgan Llywelyn, David Rooney

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List Price:9.95
Format: Paperback, 216 x 135mm, 96pp
Publication date: 18 Mar 2003
Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780862788162


In Irish history the Vikings are often seen merely as attackers. Morgan Llywelyn gives a fascinating account of the wider picture - how the Vikings significantly influenced Irish art and trade and the growth of towns and cities. We witness their first landing as a raiding party, through to their settlement and gradual merging with the Irish by intermarriage and trade. She explores the customs and traditions as well as the arts and crafts which have become part of the Irish way of life. Cameos of the lives of individual Vikings, some real, some fictitious, bring a liveliness and freshness to the retelling of events which only an author of historical fiction can achieve. Authentic drawings as well as photographs of excavations and artefacts support the text.


'The book is peopled by intriguingly named historical characters -- as well as a shoal of fictional Vikings. Lavishly illustrated with drawings by David Rooney and archive photographs, this is an informative and entertaining read.' -- The Sunday Tribune The Sunday Tribune

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  • Illustrations: 40 black & white illustrations