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No Peace for Amelia
by Siobhan Parkinson

RRP €7.95

No Peace for Amelia
by Author Name Siobhan Parkinson

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List Price:7.95
Format: Paperback, 196 x 130 x 15mm, 224pp
Publication date: 01 Oct 1994
Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780862783785


It's 1916 but Amelia Pim's thoughts are on Frederick Goodbody and not on the war in Europe. Then Frederick enlists. The pacifist Quaker community is shocked but Amelia is secretly proud of her hero and goes to the quayside to wave him farewell. For her friend MaryAnn, there are problems too, with her brother's involvement in the Easter Rising. What will become of the two young men and what effect will it have on the lives of Amelia and MaryAnn? A story of conflict, hope and courage. Sequel to the No. 1 Bestseller AMELIA.


'... set in that turbulent place, Dublin in 1914, and is all about loss and adjusting which, of course, is what adolescence is all about.' -- Sunday Independent The Sunday Independent 'In the end, it is hope and courage which are the mainstays of this compelling novel.' -- The Echo