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Understanding Our Environment
An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Pollution
by R. M. Harrison B. J. Alloway A. S. Tomlin Andrew C. Skinner H. Geoffrey Hewitt J. G. Farmer M. C. Graham R. A. Allott Steve Smith Stephen J. De Mora

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Understanding Our Environment
An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Pollution
by Author Name R. M. Harrison, B. J. Alloway, A. S. Tomlin, Andrew C. Skinner, H. Geoffrey Hewitt, J. G. Farmer, M. C. Graham, R. A. Allott, Steve Smith, Stephen J. De Mora

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List Price:41.15
Format: Paperback, 234 x 156 x 23mm, 462pp
Publication date: 01 Mar 1999
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN-13: 9780854045846


This 2nd edition of Understanding Our Environment has been reworked and greatly updated, providing a modern introductory level text for students of pollution and environmental chemistry. The book describes the basic concepts in relation to the chemistry of the atmosphere, freshwaters, oceans and soils, as well as the ways in which pollutants behave in these media (exemplified by case studies based upon topical environmental problems). It also examines the transfer of pollutants between different environmental compartments, the monitoring of the environment, the ecological and human health effects of chemical pollution, economics and regulatory control. Again case studies are used throughout. This unique introductory text is essential reading for students on undergraduate and first year postgraduate courses dealing with pollution and environmental chemistry, as well as for scientists and engineers in industry, public service and consultancy who require a basic understanding of environmental processes.


Introduction; The Atmosphere; Freshwaters; The Oceans; Land Contamination and Reclamation; Integrative Aspects of Pollutant Cycling; Environmental Monitoring Strategies; Ecological and Health Effects of Chemical Pollution; Regulation and the Economics of Pollution Control; Subject Index.

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