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Structures and Norms in Science 9th;v. 2 Structures and Norms in Science
Tenth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Florence, August 1995
by Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara Kees Doets Daniele Mundici Johan van Benthem

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Structures and Norms in Science 9th;v. 2 Structures and Norms in Science
Tenth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Florence, August 1995
by Author Name Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Kees Doets, Daniele Mundici, Johan van Benthem

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Format: Hardback, 234 x 156 x 28mm, 512pp
Publication date: 01 Dec 1996
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
ISBN-13: 9780792343844


This book gives a state-of-the-art survey of current research in logic and philosophy of science, as viewed by invited speakers selected by the most prestigious international organization in the field. In particular, it gives a coherent picture of foundational research into the various sciences, both natural and social. In addition, it has special interest items such as symposia on interfaces between logic and methodology, semantics and semiotics, as well as updates on the current state of the field in Eastern Europe and the Far East.


Inaugural Address. Trends in the Foundation of Physics; E.G. Beltrametti. Section 6 : Methodology. The Empirical Character of Evidence; P. Achinstein. Partiality, Pursuit and Practice; S. French. Section 7: Probability, Induction and Decision Theory. Prior Inferences for Posterior Judgements; M. Goldstein. Game Theory, Rationality and Evolution; B. Skyrms. Section 8: History of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Anomalies and the Revision of Theory-Elements: Notes; U. Gahde. The Prehistory of Infinitary Logic: 1885-1955; G.H. Moore. Section 9: Ethics of Science and Technology. Engineers, Ethics and Sustainable Development; S. Beder. Are There Ethical Reasons for Being, or Not Being, a Scientific Realist; L. J. Cohen. Rights and Autonomy of Scientists: Cases in the People's Republic of China; D. Fan. On Ethics and Changing Expertise in Technology Assessment; I. Hronszky. Unpopular and Precautionary Science: Towards a New Ethics of Science; M. Kaiser. Testing Models of Natural Systems: Can it Be Done? N. Oreskes. Section 11: Philosophy of The Physical Sciences. Macroscopic Reality and the Dynamical Reduction Program; G.C. Ghirardi. Section 12: Philosophy of Biological Sciences. On Conflicts Between Genetic and Developmental Viewpoints - and Their Attempted Resolution in Molecular Biology; R.M. Burian. The 'Paramount Power of Selection': From Darwin to Kauffman; J. Gayon. Environmental Causes in Ontogeny and an Ethics of Attention; C.N. van der Weele. Section 13: Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences and AI. Mental Causation Without the Language of Thought; F. Jackson. Whatis the Problem of Mental Causation? J. Kim. Classical Constituents in Smolensky's ICS Architecture; B. McLaughlin. Section 14: Philosophy of Linguistics. Non-Constituent Coordination, Wrapping, and Multimodal Categorial Grammars; D.R. Dowty. Meaning Sensitivity and Grammatical Structure; T.D. Parsons. Section 15: Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Qualitative Consistency Masquerading as Quantitative Fit; R.M. Dawes. Why Does Evidence Matter So Little to Economic Theory; D.M. Hausman. Selection and Attraction in Cultural Evolution; D. Sperber. Symposium 2: Semantics and Semiotics. Semantics and Semiotics; J. Pelc. On Meaning, Logic and Verbal Language; U. Eco. Semantics and Semiotics; D. Follesdal. Symposium 3: Logic and Philosophy of Science in the Far East. Logic and Philosophy of Science in the Far East; R. Qiu. Logic in China; W. Lu. Recent Developments of Logic, Computer Science, and Philosophy of Science in Japan; H. Sakamoto. Philosophy of Science in Korea, 1950-1995; S.-Y. Song. Philosophy of Science in Taiwan; C.H. Lin, D. Fu. Table of Contents Volume I.

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