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The Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse
by David Grant Cynthia Hardy Clifford Oswick Linda L. Putnam

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The Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse
by Author Name David Grant, Cynthia Hardy, Clifford Oswick, Linda L. Putnam

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Format: Hardback, 254 x 178 x 25mm, 448pp
Publication date: 18 Jul 2004
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780761972259


"The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse" has received the 2004 Outstanding Book Award from the Organizational Communication Division of the National Communication Association. 'Organizational discourse is not a new topic but is one that has grown in significance and citations in recent years. Thanks to the new "The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse" there is now a definitive set of up-to-the-minute resources available, by distinguished as well as emergent researchers. It should have a prominent place on all organization researchers bookshelves' - Professor Stewart Clegg, University of Technology, Sydney. 'Organizational researchers interested in discursive philosophies, methods and practices will be grateful for the much-needed background and guidance this handbook provides' - Mary Jo Hatch, Professor, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia, Co-author of "The Three Faces of Leadership: Manager, Artist, Priest" (Blackwell).'Discourse analysis has become increasingly popular in organizational studies over the past decade or two."The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse" will make it even more popular by helping scholars of organizations understand the range of domains, methodologies, perspectives and focal organizational phenomena available to them within this analytic approach. Beyond classifying and describing current literature in the various areas, the chapters in this important new handbook suggest new directions for research using discourse analysis, a valuable service that should help novice and experienced researchers alike' - JoAnne Yates, Sloan School of Management.An increasingly significant body of management literature is applying discursive forms of analysis to a range of organizational issues. This emerging arena of research is not only important in providing new insights into processes of organizing, it has also informed and influenced the broader fields of organizational and management studies. "The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse" is the definitive text for those with research and teaching interests in the field of organizational discourse.It provides an important overview of the domains of study, methodologies and perspectives used in research on organizational discourse. It shows how discourse analysis has moved beyond its roots in literary theory to become an important approach in the study of organizations.The editors of the Handbook, all renowned authors and experts in this field, have provided an invaluable resource on the application, importance and relevance of discourse to organizational issues for use by tutors and researchers working in the field, as well as providing important reference material for newcomers to this area. Each chapter, written by a leading author on their subject, covers an overview of the existing literature and also frames the future of the field in ways which challenge existing preconceptions. "The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse" is indispensable to the teaching, study and research of organizational discourse and will enable readers to develop a level of understanding of organizations commensurate with the most recent, state-of-the-art, theoretical developments in the broader field of organization studies.


Introduction - David Grant et al Organizational Discourse: Exploring the Field PART ONE: DOMAINS OF DISCOURSE Dialogue - Kenneth J Gergen, Mary M Gergen and Frank J Barrett Life and Death of the Organization Narratives, Stories and Texts - Yiannis Gabriel Corporate Rhetoric as Organizational Discourse - George Cheney et al Tropes, Discourse and Organizing - Cliff Oswick, Linda L Putnam and Tom Keenoy PART TWO: METHODS AND PERSPECTIVES Organizational Language in Use - Gail T Fairhurst and Fran[ce]cois Cooren Interaction Analysis, Conversation Analysis and Speech Act Schematics Discourse and Identities - Susan Ainsworth and Cynthia Hardy Interpretivist Approaches to Organizational Discourse - Loizos Th. Heracleous Multi-Levelled, Multi-Method Approaches to Organizational Discourse - Kirsten Broadfoot, Stanley Deetz and Donald Anderson Doing Research in Organizational Discourse - Craig Prichard, Deborah Jones and Ralph Stablein The Importance of Researcher Context Discourse, Power and Ideology - Dennis K Mumby Unpacking the Critical Approach Deconstructing Discourse - Martin Kilduff and Mihaela Kelemen PART THREE: DISCOURSES AND ORGANIZING Gender, Discourse and Organization - Karen Lee Ashcraft Framing a Shifting Relationship Discourse and Power - Cynthia Hardy and Nelson Phillips Organizational Culture and Discourse - Mats Alvesson Tools, Technologies and Organizational Interaction - Christian Heath, Paul Luff and Hubert Knoblauch The Emergence of Workplace Studies Organizational Discourse and New Media - Pablo J Boczkowski and Wanda J Orlikowski A Practice Perspective The Discourse of Globalization and the Globalization of Discourse - Norman Fairclough and Pete Thomas PART FOUR: REFLECTIONS - Barbara Czarniawska, Karl E Weick and Mike Reed Turning to Discourse - Barbara Czarniawska A Bias for Conversation - Karl E Weick Acting Discursively in Organizations Getting Real about Organizational Discourse - Mike Reed

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