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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
by Jamie Ford

RRP €11.35

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
by Author Name Jamie Ford

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List Price:11.35
Format: Paperback, 198 x 129mm, 416pp
Publication date: 27 Feb 2012
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN-13: 9780749010720

Dubray Review

This beautifully written, tender love story, set in Seattle during a dark period of American history, treats its subject and its characters with great sensitivity. Henry feels he is an outcast, both at home because of a generational conflict and at his all-white school where he is busy scholarshipping – mailing out countless applications in the hope of having his college fees paid. Struggling with his heritage as a Chinese-American and without any friends his own age, he feels lost and alone until he meets Keiko, a Japanese-American girl. What starts out as a secretive friendship soon blossoms into a love that, with China and Japan at war, is strictly forbidden by both their families. The attack on Pearl Harbour further heightens the racism and paranoia among U.S. citizens and results in the enforced internment of all Japanese-Americans.

- Bobbie Ryan, Bray


1986, The Panama Hotel The old Seattle landmark has been boarded up for decades, but now the new owner has made a startling discovery in the basement: personal belongings stored away by Japanese families sent to interment camps during the Second World War. Among the fascinated crowd gathering outside the hotel, stands Henry Lee, and, as the owner unfurls a distinctive parasol, he is flooded by memories of his childhood. He wonders if by some miracle, in amongst the boxes of dusty treasures, lies a link to the Okabe family, and the girl he lost his young heart to, so many years ago. WITH OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE, THIS CAPTIVATING DEBUT IS A STORY OF THE SACRIFICES ONE BOY MAKES FOR LOVE AND FOR HIS COUNTRY.


'Ford deftly pulls off a Hollywood-worthy romance from the files, one anchored to a true event. An entertaining and often illuminating tale' THE SPECATOR