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A Dog Ear'd Cosmos
by David Mitchell Boie

RRP €16.50

A Dog Ear'd Cosmos
by Author Name David Mitchell Boie

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List Price:16.50
Format: Paperback, 229 x 152 x 6mm, 100pp
Publication date: 26 Jul 2007
Publisher: David M. Boie
ISBN-13: 9780615146447


As a Socratic dialogue, "Dog Ear'd Cosmos" helps re-establish a brambled and long neglected trail-head leading toward an authentic western "yoga of the Mind." With a good measure of courage, the side-kicking author asks profound mental house-cleaning questions, sweeping away cobwebs left over from our rapid and fragmenting explosion into scientific know-how. In process, Thompson, the barking "better-half" of this quasi-Platonic discussion, reveals his-Self as sharing in a wisdom far beyond expectation...The canine companion of David's youth offers comfort, correction, and clarifying perspectives on topics including: Blind-spots within Scientific Cosmology; Gratitude, Happiness, and confusion; a Physics of Contemplation; Entropic Power of the Spoken Word; and a compassionate "Self-Centeredness..."

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  • Illustrations: black & white illustrations