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Mirror, Mirror
by Patricia Scanlan

RRP €12.80

Mirror, Mirror
by Author Name Patricia Scanlan

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List Price:12.80
Format: Paperback, 198 x 127 x 34mm, 544pp
Publication date: 02 Apr 2007
Publisher: Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)
ISBN-13: 9780553818888


When Chris Wallace looks in the mirror, he sees a deep and complex man. He is, in fact, selfish, shallow and very, very devious - a master of deceit. Suzy Wallace, a woman scorned, wreaks havoc and revenge on her husband's mistress, once her best friend, now her sworn enemy. She will never forgive and never forget. Alexandra Johnston, ambitious, talented and seductive, uses every trick she can to get what she wants...and then finds out that having is not quite the same as wanting. Ellen Munroe, the mother of Chris' child, the woman he has used and abused over and over, finally has the chance for happiness with an honest, decent, steadfast man...until Chris lies his way into her heart again. "Mirror, Mirror" is the story of women who have had enough. This is a tale of delicious revenge and glorious vindictiveness, as Chris Wallace finally tastes the bitter fruits of his deceits and gets what has been coming to him.


"Perfect summer reading: hearty, humourous and romantic... A compulsive page-turner" Home & Country