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Brother and Sister
by Joanna Trollope

RRP €11.35

Brother and Sister
by Author Name Joanna Trollope

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List Price:11.35
Format: Paperback, 198 x 127 x 23mm, 368pp
Publication date: 22 Jan 2005
Publisher: Black Swan
ISBN-13: 9780552771733


Nathalie and David have been good and dutiful children to their parents, and now, grown-up, with their own families, they are still close to one another as brother and sister. Except that they aren't - brother and sister that is. They were both adopted, when their loving parents, found that they couldn't have children themselves. And up until now it's never mattered. But suddenly, Nathalie discovers a deep need to trace her birth parents and is insisting that David makes the same journey. And through this, both learn one of the hardest lessons of all, that sometimes, the answers to who we are and where we come from can be more difficult than the questions...


"Pacy, absorbing and compassionate" Daily Mail "Brilliantly perceptive" Daily Telegraph "An important novel" Evening Standard "Her prodigious flair for illuminating emotional situations guarantees the appeal of Trollope's work... immediate and engrossing" The Good Book Guide "Deliciously readable" The Times