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Penpals for Handwriting Year 4 Practice Book
by Gill Budgell Kate Ruttle

RRP €7.85

Penpals for Handwriting Year 4 Practice Book
by Author Name Gill Budgell, Kate Ruttle

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List Price:7.85
Format: Paperback, 231 x 182 x 7mm, 32pp
Publication date: 20 Mar 2003
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521755139


Penpals for Handwriting, the UK's favourite handwriting scheme, is for 3-11 year olds, helping children to use a fast and fluent handwriting style. The Penpals for Handwriting Year 4/Primary 5 Practice Book reinforces joins within a word, introduces sloped writing and investigates size, proportion and space, emphasising the need for speed and fluency.


Capital and lower case alphabet; 1; Revising joins in a word: ness, ship; 2; Revising joins in a word: ing, ed; 3; Revising joins in a word: s; 4; Revising joins in a word: ify; 5; Revising joins in a word: nn, mm, ss; 6; Revising parallel ascenders: tt, ll, bb; 7; Revising parallel ascenders and descenders: pp, ff; 8; Revising joins to an anticlockwise letter: cc, dd; 9; Revising break letters: dictionary work and alphabetical order; 10; Linking spelling and handwriting: related words; 11; Introducing sloped writing; 12; Parallel ascenders: al, ad, af; 13; Parallel descenders and break letters: ight, ough; 14; Size, proportion and spacing: ious; 15; Size, proportion and spacing: able, ful; 16; Size, proportion and spacing: fs, ves; 17; Speed and fluency: abbreviations for notes; 18; Speed and fluency: notemaking; 19; Speed and fluency: drafting; 20; Speed and fluency: lists; 21; Size, proportion and spacing: v, k; 22; Size, proportion and spacing: ic, ist; 23; Size, proportion and spacing: sion, tion; 24; Size, proportion and spacing: its, it's; 25; Speed and fluency: ible, able; 26; Speed and fluency: diminutives; 27; Print alphabet: captions, headings, labels; 28; Print capitals: posters; 29; Assessment; 30; Presentational skills: font styles; Joining letter sets

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  • Illustrations: 4 colour book