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Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles
by Peter R. Wilson Andrew King Douglas Lin Stephen P. Maran Jim Pringle Martin Ward

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Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles
by Author Name Peter R. Wilson, Andrew King, Douglas Lin, Stephen P. Maran, Jim Pringle, Martin Ward

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List Price:44.80
Format: Paperback, 246 x 189 x 16mm, 296pp
Publication date: 04 Aug 2005
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521548212


How do you predict the parameters of future solar cycles? What is the role of dynamo theory in the cyclic activity of the Sun and similar stars? And what are the implications of chaos theory for stellar cycles? This book answers these questions and offers a timely review of studies in the cyclic activity of the Sun and other stars. This authoritative reference shows the importance of reliable predictions of the parameters of future solar cycles, and carefully explains the methods currently used to determine these (with special reference to the maximum of cycle 22). Some of the latest research into solar cycles is clearly presented; this includes helioseismology, observations of the extended activity cycle and the polar fields reversal, and contributions from dynamo theory and chaos theory. For graduate students and researchers, this monograph provides a much-needed synthesis of our understanding of activity cycles in the Sun and other stars.


'Wilson has provided the university student and postgraduate with a perfect mixture of what is known and what is still to be found. Not only is the book produced, illustrated and referenced to normal high quality of the Cambridge Astrophysics Series, it is also extremely readable.' Nature


1. Introduction; 2. Historical survey; 3. The structure of the Sun and the phenomena of activity; 4. The equations of magnetohydrodynamics and magnetostatics; 5. The one-dimensional configuration of the cycle; 6. Heuristic models of the solar cycle; 7. Stellar activity and activity cycles; 8. The two-dimensional representation of the extended activity cycle; 9. The origin of the large-scale fields; 10. The reversals of the polar magnetic fields; 11. The role of dynamo theory in cyclic activity; 12. Helioseismology and the solar cycle; 13. Chaos and the cycle; 14. Forecasting the cycle; 15. Summary and conclusion.

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  • Illustrations: 71 b/w illus.