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Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations
by William Bloom G. John Ikenberry Steve Smith Thomas Biersteker Chris Brown Phil Cerny Alex Danchev Joseph M. Grieco John Groome Richard A. Higgott

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Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations
by Author Name William Bloom, G. John Ikenberry, Steve Smith, Thomas Biersteker, Chris Brown, Phil Cerny, Alex Danchev, Joseph M. Grieco, John Groome, Richard A. Higgott

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List Price:29.85
Format: Paperback, 228 x 152 x 12mm, 208pp
Publication date: 18 Mar 1993
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521447843


Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations is the first psychological study of nation-building, nationalism, mass mobilisation and foreign policy processes. In a bold exposition of identification theory, William Bloom relates mass psychological processes to international relations. He draws on Freud, Mead, Erikson, Parsons and Habermas to provide a rigorously argued answer to the longstanding theoretical problem of how to aggregate from individual attitudes to mass behaviour. With a detailed analysis of the nation-building experience of preindustrial France and England, William Bloom applies the theory to international relations.


'... a very stimulating book.' International Affairs


1. The problem stated and a review of politically applied psychological theory; 2. Identification theory - its structure, dynamics and application; 3. Nation-building; 4. The national identity dynamic and foreign policy; 5. Identification and international relations theory; 6. Conclusion - appraisal, prescriptions, paradoxes.

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