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Introduction to John Milton
by John Broadbent

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Introduction to John Milton
by Author Name John Broadbent

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Format: Paperback, 216 x 140 x 21mm, 364pp
Publication date: 13 Dec 1973
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521097994


At the head of the Cambridge Milton series stand two general books: John Milton: Introductions and Paradise Lost: Introduction. These set the tone for and give the background to the editions of individual books. John Broadbent and the contributors to the present volume provide original studies on different aspects of John Milton's life, times, work and ideas. There are chapters on his relation to the music, science and visual arts of the age and there is ample material to stimulate further reading, thought and research. The book can be used by a wide range of readers and students of Milton as an original work of reference - a bank of ideas and resources on which to draw and to develop.


Editors Foreword; 1. To be a true poet Elizabeth Sewell Sirignano; 2. Milton's life and times: aids to study Isabel Rivers; 3. The making of a 17th century poet Isabel Rivers; 4. Inside Milton John Broadbent; 5. Milton and science W. Reavley Gair; 6. The poets Bible John Broadbent; 7. Iconography J. B. Trapp; 8. Milton and Renaissance Roy Daniels; 9. Milton's illustrators John Dixon Hunt; 10. Milton and music Winifred Maynard; 11. Milton's early poems: a general introduction Lorna Sage; 12. Milton in literary history Lorna Sage; Index.

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