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French Politicians and Elections 1951-1969
by Philip M. Williams David Goldey Martin Harrison

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French Politicians and Elections 1951-1969
by Author Name Philip M. Williams, David Goldey, Martin Harrison

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Format: Paperback, 229 x 152 x 19mm, 332pp
Publication date: 01 Apr 1970
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521096089


Originally published in 1970, this collection of essays, in which Mr Williams displays his exceptionally wide learning and sympathetic insight into French political life, is an indispensable guide to anyone interested in the background to and achievements of de Gaulle's regime. It surveys French elections in the Fourth and Fifth Republics: the issues, the changing methods of campaigning, and the sharp mutations in voting behaviour, illustrated in a series of maps and tables. The electoral chapters are linked by discussions of the principal political developments between the successive appeals to the people. Each of the four chronological chapters sections concentrates on a leading theme.


Introduction; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Principal dates; Part I. The Reign of the Parties: 1. The balance-sheet of the Fourth Republic (1958); 2. De Gaulle frustrated (the 1951 election); 3. Antoine Pinay and the revenge of the Right (1952); 4. Pierre Mendes-France and the revolt against conservatism (1953); 5. An old Parliament and a new majority? (1954); 6. 'Throw the rascals out!' (the 1956 election); 7. Political compromise on Seine and Potomac (1957); 8. Provincial, pressure-group and presidential politics (1959); Part II. The Algerian Settlement and the New Regime: 9. The fall of the Fourth Republic (1958); 10. A new political world (the 1958 referendum and election) Martin Harrison; 11. Algerian self-determination (the 1961 referendum); 12. Algerian independence (the April 1962 referendum) Martin Harrison; 13. The General triumphs (the autumn 1962 referendum and election); Part III. The Tribulations of the Left: 14. Cautionary tale for Socialists (1960); 15. The Republican collapse (1958); 16. First signs of recovery (1961); 17. De Gaulle's challenger: Gaston Defferre (1964); 18. The Communist riposte (1965); Part IV. The Struggle for the Succession: 19. Party, presidency and parish pump (the 1965 municipal elections); 20. The rivals emerge (the 1965 presidential election); 21. A precarious majority (the 1967 election) David Goldey; 22. Change in the Conservative west (the 1967 election in a region) David Goldey; 23. A precarious regime: the events of May 1968 David Goldey; 24. The party of fear: the election of June 1968 David Goldey; 25. Gaullism without de Gaulle? The 1969 referendum and presidential election; Index; Maps 1-21; Tables 1-22.

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