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Primate Dentition
An Introduction to the Teeth of Non-human Primates
by Daris R. Swindler C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor Robert Andrew Foley Nina G. Jablonski Karen B. Strier Michael Little Kenneth M. Weiss

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Primate Dentition
An Introduction to the Teeth of Non-human Primates
by Author Name Daris R. Swindler, C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor, Robert Andrew Foley, Nina G. Jablonski, Karen B. Strier, Michael Little, Kenneth M. Weiss

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List Price:37.30
Format: Paperback, 228 x 152 x 18mm, 316pp
Publication date: 22 Aug 2005
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521018647


Primate dentitions vary widely both between genera and between species within a genus. This book is a comparative dental anatomy of the teeth of living non-human primates that brings together information from many disciplines to present the most useful and comprehensive database possible in one consolidated text. The core of the book consists of comparative morphological and metrical descriptions with analyses, reference tables and illustrations of the permanent dentitions of 85 living primate species to establish a baseline for future investigations. The book also includes information on dental microstructure and its importance in understanding taxonomic relationships between species, data on deciduous dentitions, prenatal dental development and ontogenetic processes, and material to aid age estimation and life history studies. Primate Dentition will be an important reference work for researchers in primatology, dental and physical anthropology, comparative anatomy and dentistry as well as vertebrate paleontology and veterinary science.


' ... a very welcome addition to the literature on comparative primate dentition and is likely to be invaluable to researchers whose primary research interest is not in this area but who need a source of data for comparative purposes as well as being a useful reference text for those who work with primate teeth.' Primate Eye 'Swindler's book is a classic, and I am delighted to see this updated version come along. Students and researchers alike have always, and will for years to come, find it useful for its stated purpose - an introductory guide to primate dentitions.' J. Michael Plavcan, International Journal of Primatology '... an important reference work ...'. Human Evolution


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Dental anatomy; 3. Dental development; 4. The deciduous dentition; 5. Superfamily Lemuroidea; 6. Family Cebidae; 7. Family Cercopithecidae; 8. Hylobatidae; 9. Pongidae; Odontometric appendix; Dental eruption appendix; Glossary; References; Taxonomic index.

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  • Illustrations: 73 b/w illus. 229 tables