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The Photography of Bill Brandt
by Bill Jay Nigel Warburton David Hockney

RRP €68.10

The Photography of Bill Brandt
by Author Name Bill Jay, Nigel Warburton, David Hockney

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List Price:68.10
Format: Hardback, 290 x 240mm, 320pp
Publication date: 04 Oct 1999
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
ISBN-13: 9780500542347


A comprehensive study of the work of photographer Bill Brandt, and a catalogue to an exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London. Brandt's work falls across a number of categories. He created odd, surrealist compositions, stemming from his early work in Man Ray's Paris studio, as well as telling images conveying social comment on Britain in the 1930s. His intensely dark portrayals of London and the industrial towns of northern England contrast with his softer, even lyrical evocations of landscape. He is perhaps best known for his sequence of ever more abstracted studies of the nude, but his telling portrayals of artists from the same period remain immediate and perceptive decades later. This book explores, on a large scale, all the different aspects of Brandt's work.

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  • Illustrations: 378 illustrations