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Echo 1 Pupil Book
by Steve Williams Jeannie McNeill

RRP €22.60

Echo 1 Pupil Book
by Author Name Steve Williams, Jeannie McNeill

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List Price:22.60
Format: Paperback, 264 x 197 x 7mm, 144pp
Publication date: 07 Jun 2004
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN-13: 9780435388683


* The book develops pupils' use and understanding of German by providing straightforward explanations of the way language works, alongside motivation, stepped activities. * Clear learning targets are made explicit to the pupils at the beginning of each unit. * Simple grammar explanations and practice help you to provide an integrated approach to teaching the structure of the language. * Language-learning skills are carefully developed through the activities, and supported in the other components. * Explanations and modelling of German pronunciation are accompanied by regular practice activities throughout the book. * Extensions units ensure that the core remains accessible and that all abilities are catered for. * Differentiated reading and writing activities at the back of the book provide a wealth of material that pupils can work on independently. * Mini-tests, end-of-module checklists and revision tests provide valuable material for Assessment for Learning. Assessment for Learning is further supported in the other components of the course.


1 - Hallo! 2 - Die Schule 3 - Familie und Freunde 4 - Freizeit 5 - Mein Zuhause 6 - Stadt und Land

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