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Information Strategy and Warfare
A Guide to Theory and Practice
by John Arquilla Douglas A. Borer

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Information Strategy and Warfare
A Guide to Theory and Practice
by Author Name John Arquilla, Douglas A. Borer

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List Price:42.60
Format: Paperback, 234 x 156 x 14mm, 270pp
Publication date: 26 Jun 2009
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN-13: 9780415545143


This volume develops information strategy as a construct equal in importance to military strategy as an influential tool of statecraft. John Arquilla and Douglas A. Borer explore three principal themes: the rise of the 'information domain' and information strategy as an equal partner alongside traditional military strategy the need to consider the organizational implications of information strategy the realm of what has been called 'information operations' (IO) - the building blocks of information strategy - has been too narrowly depicted and must be both broadened and deepened. Information Strategy and Warfare will be essential reading for students and practitioners of information strategy, as well as scholars of security studies and military strategy in general.


Introduction: The Rise of Information Strategy Part 1: Confronting Terror and Insurgency 1. The War of Ideas and the Idea of War 2. Thinking about Al Qaeda as a Global Tribe 3. Influence Strategies in Iraq and Beyond 4. Muslim Insurgencies and the Future of Iraq Part 2: Improving Information Strategy 5. Public Diplomacy 6. Strategic Assessment and Information Warfare 7. Rebuilding a Capacity for Deception: The '1% Solution' 8. The Trouble with Psychological Operations 9. Conclusion

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  • Illustrations: 27 black & white tables