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Frayn Plays v. 2 "Balmoral", "Benefactors", "Wild Honey"
by Michael Frayn Michael Frayn

RRP €21.30

Frayn Plays v. 2 "Balmoral", "Benefactors", "Wild Honey"
by Author Name Michael Frayn, Michael Frayn

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List Price:21.30
Format: Paperback, 176 x 111 x 15mm, 320pp
Publication date: 27 Jan 1992
Publisher: Methuen Drama
ISBN-13: 9780413660800


"One of theatre's subtlest, most sophisticated minds" (The Times) Benefactors conjures the world of the suburbs observed through the lens of post-imperialism; "dazzling. This prismatic work circumscribes the disillusionment of an era" (New York Times); Balmoral dares to imagine what Britain would be like if it had gone through the Russian revolution in 1917; "a sophisticated drollery, an educated amusement" (New Statesman); Wild Honey is a reworking of Checkov's first play (also known as Platonov) and is shot through with farce, feminism and eroticism.


Balmoral; Benefactors; Wild Honey

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  • Illustrations: black & white illustrations