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Moby Dick
by Herman Melville Hershel Parker Harrison Hayford

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Moby Dick
by Author Name Herman Melville, Hershel Parker, Harrison Hayford

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List Price:9.50
Format: Paperback, 235 x 145 x 23mm, 744pp
Publication date: 24 Oct 2001
Publisher: WW Norton & Co
ISBN-13: 9780393972832


For this sesquincentennial edition, the Northwestern-Newberry text of "Moby-Dick" has been footnoted to include dozens of biographical discoveries. A section on whaling and whalecraft features prose and graphics by John B. Putnam, a sample of contemporary whaling engravings and an engraving of Tupai Cupa. This image introduces a new section that documents the ferocity of religious, political and sexual hostility toward Herman Melville. "Reviews and Letters by Melville" has been updated. "Analogues and Sources" retains pieces by J.N. Reynolds and Owen Chase, as well as new findings by Geoffrey Sanborn and Steven Olsen-Smith. "Reviews of Moby-Dick" emphasises the hostility toward Melville and highlights new discoveries. "Posthumous Praise and the Melville Revival: 1893-1927" collects belated, enthusiastic praise. In "Biographical Cross-Light" Hershel Parker discusses what "Moby-Dick" cost Melville and his family.

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  • Illustrations: 2 maps, 21 illustrations