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The Bad Seed
by Louise Cooper

RRP €8.50

The Bad Seed
by Author Name Louise Cooper

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List Price:8.50
Format: Paperback, mm, pp
Publication date: 20 Mar 2008
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9780340918364


Brother and sister Marloe and Silve are children of a burgeoning and powerful dynasty. Their mother, Shar, was a prodigiously powerful channeller of supernatural forces as a child, and their father, Kitto has an almost telekinetic affinity with animals of all kinds. Now, Marloe and Silve have come of age. As teenagers they are beginning to understand exactly what gifts they have inherited from their parents. And now they are faced with their first deadly challenge when a century-old sorceress kidnaps their dear friend Jianna, with a plan to channel her own particularly twisted brand of magic through the girl. Jianna will be left an empty shell, if Marloe and Silve cannot find her in time. It will take every ounce of their powers, and will find them tackling spirits and entities on a terrifying scale. But they must find the courage and take on evil, to claim back good...