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Stillness Speaks
Whispers of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

RRP €12.80

Stillness Speaks
Whispers of Now
by Author Name Eckhart Tolle

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List Price:12.80
Format: Paperback, 197 x 130 x 10mm, 144pp
Publication date: 01 Sep 2003
Publisher: Hodder Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780340829745


Eckhart Tolle's writings on the power of living in the moment fast became the most sought-after modern classic on spiritual enlightenment. Now, in this new life-transforming book, we are shown how to become our true selves by embracing silence and stillness. When we are no longer limited by our thinking mind, suffering and pain disappears and we are able to move towards a new understanding of our relationships, of nature, and of the profound wisdom that is to be found in stillness.


THE POWER OF NOW can transform your thinking. The result? More joy, right now. Oprah Winfrey This book is generating quite a buzz of excitement. It is quite simply one of the clearest and most accessible texts on becoming more present that we have ever seen. Kindred Spirit The must-read bible du jour Red Magazine This practical mystic's modern gospel offers transcendent truths that set us free. Dan Millman