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Cottrell and Young's Neuroanesthesia
Expert Consult: Online and Print
by James E. Cottrell William L. Young

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Cottrell and Young's Neuroanesthesia
Expert Consult: Online and Print
by Author Name James E. Cottrell, William L. Young

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List Price:186.00
Format: Hardback, 281 x 222 x 23mm, 480pp
Publication date: 27 Apr 2010
Publisher: Mosby
ISBN-13: 9780323059084


"Cottrell's Neuroanesthesia, 5th Edition", edited by James E. Cottrell, MD, FRCA and William L. Young, MD, delivers the complete and authoritative guidance you need to ensure optimal perioperative safety for neurosurgical patients. Integrating current scientific principles with the newest clinical applications, it not only explains what to do under any set of circumstances but also why to do it and how to avoid complications. Comprehensive updates reflect all of the latest developments in neurosurgical anesthesia, and contributions from many new experts provide fresh insights into overcoming tough clinical challenges. Access to the complete contents online at enables you to rapidly and conveniently consult the book from any computer.


"The foremost reference for the practitioner caring for the neurosurgical patient." - The Spine Journal, review of the last edition

"An invaluable reference for those seeking specialist experience in neuroanaesthesia...A 'must have' for departments of neuroanaesthesia...Most practising neuroanaesthetists will wish to own their own copy." - British Journal of Anaesthesia, review of the last edition

"This fifth edition of Cottrell and Young's Neuroanesthesiais a tour de force of contemporary neuroanesthesia, an invaluable resource for clinicians working in neuroanesthesia and critical care. It also is a best buy for any serious student of the clinical neurosciences and a must-have for neuroanesthesiologists."- David P. Strum, MD, FRCPC- JAMA

."the new edition of Neuroanesthesia represents the best aspects of a modern textbook, namely a clear, concise format, excellent summary figures and tables, improved aesthetic value, and an option to access contents online. this book should be required reading for all anesthesiologists who care for neurosurgical and neurologically impaired patients. Simply put, Cottrell and Young's Neuroanesthesia provides a solid foundation for state-of-the-art neuroanesthetic care."- John F. Bebawy, Antoun Koht, International Anesthesia Research Society

"This is a book which anaesthetists involved in clinical neuroanaesthesia should own, and which department libraries should buy. It provides practical clinical guidance, acts as a data source for clinical decisions and contains sections on the basic sciences to those at that stage of training. Lastly, it is very readable a feature without which the best information can fail to make an impact."- G Ludbrook- Adelaide, South Austrailia- Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

"It is for those who want to provide the highest level of care for their patients by truly understanding why they do what they do. This approach to neuroanesthesia will allow one to adapt and handle any clinical situat

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  • Illustrations: Approx. 260 illustrations (130 in full color)