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A Short History of French Literature
by Sarah Kay Terence Cave Malcolm Bowie

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A Short History of French Literature
by Author Name Sarah Kay, Terence Cave, Malcolm Bowie

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List Price:41.15
Format: Paperback, 216 x 138 x 19mm, 358pp
Publication date: 12 Jan 2006
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 9780199291182


This book traces the history of French literature from its beginnings to the present. Within its remarkably brief compass, it offers a wide-ranging, personal, and detailed account of major writers and movements. Developments in French literature are presented in an innovative way, not as an even sequence of literary events but as a series of stories told at varying pace and with different kinds of focus. Readers can thus take in the broad sweep of historical change, grasp the main characteristics of major periods, or enjoy a close appraisal of individual works and their contexts. The book is written in an accessible and non-technical style that will make it attractive to students and to all those who enjoy French Literature.


Review from previous edition thoughtfully organized ... masterfully told ... essential Choice That all the information in this book can coexist in a format that is such an enjoyable read is truly remarkable Choice Three of the most eminent anglophone writers on French literature have combined their talents to map its history. Academic readers will expect to have familiar territory redrawn in an exciting way and rich treasures to be discovered in stranger places. They will not be disappointed. French Studies A confident three-hander, it stands up for permanence, the craft of writing, and the pleasures of reading Modern Language Review this book inherits an academic tradition of brevity, intelligence and elegance El Pais


Introduction: The Long View ; PART I: THE MIDDLE AGES: FROM THE EARLIEST TEXTS TO 1470 ; Overview of the Period ; The Period in Close-Up ; PART II: THE EARLY MODERN PERIOD: 1470-1789 ; Overview of the Period ; The Period in Close-Up ; PART III: THE MODERN PERIOD: 1789-2000 ; Overview of the Period ; The Period in Close-Up ; Suggestions for Further Reading

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  • Illustrations: 17 halftones